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January 20, 2014

Industry Growth Increases Qualified Employment Demands
By Angela D. Harris

Fast-food workers across the nation protested their salaries late in the fourth quarter of 2013 while HVACR contractors continued HVCA contractorto search for skilled tradesmen or people who are willing to be trained in the trade. After discussing the employment situation with contractors from across the nation, it’s evident that much of the HVACR industry is looking for good people to fill the vacancies.

“We are struggling, as most are, to find candidates who want to learn from the grass roots and up,” explained Greg Crumpton, president and founder of AirTight, Charlotte, N.C. “Finding a drug-free, driver’s license-carrying, insurable, communicative person who wants to physically work hard is a challenge.”

His motivation to hire in the current market is the general growth of AirTight’s maintenance base, but Crumpton cautioned that the extra work it takes to find suitable employment candidates has a tendency to limit growth…

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