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January 31, 2014

NATE Changes Certification Program

Certification Maintenance Application Costs Have Been Reduced from $95 to $25 per First Certification
By Kyle Gargaro

In an effort to increase the number of technicians that get certified and more importantly recertified, North American Technician NATE CertificationExcellence (NATE) has made changes to its certification program.

The certification period has been changed from five years to two. In addition, certification can be maintained with proof of 16 hours of specialty-related continuing education within a two-year period. Previously, it was required to be 60 hours over a five year period so it is dropped by an average of four hours a year.

“The central theme is trying to be more relevant and customer focused for the technicians out there,” said John Lanier, NATE’s chief operating officer. “We have done a lot of survey work and understand a lot of the barriers to why technicians do not maintain their certification with us.”

The barriers the research showed was both time and cost. To address the cost aspect, certification maintenance application costs have been reduced from $95 to $25 per first certification with $5 for each additional certification. NATE has also extended the grace period available after the certification maintenance date has passed for technicians from 60 days to 120 days to allow additional time for technicians to send in documentation regarding CEHs earned.

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