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June 11, 2014
From Contractor Magazine

Influential Women In The Mechanical Contracting Industry

This year is CONTRACTOR’s 60th Anniversary, and during these 60 years, editors of the magazine have visited contracting firms, manufacturers and distributors, plus, attend industry trade shows, conventions and conferences.

It comes as no surprise that CONTRACTOR editors have met and built relationships with so many passionate and committed people, working in the industry. We at CONTRACTOR magazine believe the women in the industry deserve recognition of the mark they have made in the plumbing and hydronics industries.

CONTRACTOR would like your help compiling this list of influential women. If you would like to nominate someone to be included, please e-mail Senior Editor Candace Roulo at or Editorial Director Bob Mader at with your nomination. Please include their name, title, company, headshot, and why you are nominating them to be included in our Influential Women of the Industry list.

Women in the Trades

Click here to read the full story on and to view the most influential women in the plumbing, hydronics industry gallery!