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February 25, 2015

JACKSON, MI (WLNS) – There’s good news for those looking for a job in the skilled trades.

Graduates are looking at a great job market and students are looking at even better educational opportunities.

In Michigan, $50 million will go to trade education. But there’s even more good news for those looking for work.

From the $50 million, $3.8 million is going to Jackson College and $4.8 million to Lansing Community College for skilled trades education. On top of that, the field is in need of workers in the last 90 days alone. Michigan Online Job Boards posted nearly 1,500 employment ads looking for skilled trades workers.

“So the skilled trades job market right now, we are seeing a lot of demand from employers, as technology changes and their processes change, the need is certainly there,” said Melissa Sheldon, South Central Michigan Works, special projects coordinator.

It looks like the governor’s plan to make Michigan number one in the skilled trades is well on its way.