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September 9, 2015
By Sara Cain

Advanced manufacturer Walter’s Group wants to see more support for skilled trades in the school system.

Human Resources Manager, Marty Verhey  says he has visited a number of schools image of school busacross Southern Ontario as a member of workforce planning boards and it’s clear that perceptions need to change.

“You go through their shops and you see parents taking their kids away from the tech programs because that’s something you should do if you’re not good at math or  you’re  not good at science or you’re not good at music or art.”

In some instances this can work against the kids who are interested in the trades.

“Over the years that has developed a situation where the equipment gets old and outdated” Verhey notes.

Verhey says there should be a mandatory class so that students can explore their options in this field.

Until that happens Verhey adds, it will be up to the companies to visit grades six through 12 to make sure students get the information.

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