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November 26, 2015
By Joey Donnelly

This week, Saskatchewan residents are being encouraged to learn more about opportunities within the skilled trades and technologies.

Lorrena Spilsted, Executive Director of Apprenticeship with the Sask Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission details the purpose of Skilled Trades and Technologies Week.

“It highlights the opportunities of careers in the trades and celebrates the services provided by the image of trades machinesskilled trades people. Many rewarding careers are available in skilled trades and it’s important for students to be aware of all of their options. This is done across all of the provinces and territories.”

Spilsted adds that skilled trades make up a significant part of the Saskatchewan economy as it covers many sectors and more people are going into the field.

“I know when I started working at Saskatchewan Apprenticeship, which was about thirteen years ago, we had just over thirty seven hundred apprentices. Currently we have just under ten thousand. So, definitely we have seen an increase in the number of people. Apprenticeship is a demand driven system so when an apprentice registers with Saskatchewan Apprenticeship they already have a job.”

The apprenticeship continues through work place training and technical training in the classroom.

Some of the sectors covered by skilled trades include agriculture, tourism and service, construction, automotive repair and production and maintenance.

There are multiple events going on around the province in recognition of this week and schools and educators are encouraged to take part in activities of their own in their classroom.

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