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November 2, 2016
By Surajit Dasgupta
Despite a slowing global growth, 40 per cent of employers across the world are having difficulty filling positions. This is according to a recent survey from global staffing solutions provider ManpowerGroup.

It is a 200-basis-point increase from last year’s level and the highest percentage of employers reporting talent shortage since 2007. More than 42,300 employers in 43 countries participated in ManpowerGroup’s eleventh annual talent shortage survey.

The Hardest Skills To Find

According to the survey, for a fifth consecutive year, skilled trades positions are the hardest to fill globally while this year, IT roles jumped seven places to the second position. In the “IT sector, businesses are reporting the most marked talent shortage in a number of years”, said the survey.

1) Skilled Trades (electricians, carpenters, welders, bricklayers, plasterers, plumbers, masons and more)
2) IT Staff (developers, and programmers, database administrators, and IT leaders and managers)
3) Sales Representatives (sales executives, sales advisors and retail sales people)
4) Engineers (mechanical, electrical and civil engineers)
5) Technicians (production, operations and maintenance technicians)
6) Drivers (truck, lorry, heavy goods, delivery, heavy equipment and construction drivers)
7) Accounting and Finance Staff (bookkeepers, certified accountants and financial analysts)
8) Management/Executives (senior and board-level managers)
9) Production/ Machine Operations (operators of special machinery)
10) Office Support Staff (secretaries, personal assistants, receptionists and administrative assistants)

Countries Where Employers Are Having Most Difficulty Filling Roles

According to the survey, Japan tops the list of countries where the highest percentage of employers reported talent shortage. In Japan, 86 per cent of employers reported facing talent shortage, followed by Taiwan (73 percent) and Romania (72 percent).

image of technician shortages worldwide

In India, despite a million people entering the workforce every month, a higher proportion of employers in the country face talent shortage as compared to their global counterparts, the survey said.

According to the survey, 48 per cent of employers in India report difficulty in filling jobs due to talent shortage. In comparison, the global average is 40 per cent.

In India, the maximum talent shortage is in IT and accounting and finance sectors in India, the survey said.

Here are top jobs in India where employers are facing talent shortage, according to the survey.

1) IT Personnel
2) Accounting and Finance Staff
3) Project Managers
4) Sales Managers
5) Customer Service Representatives & Customer Support
6) Technicians
7) Quality Controllers
8) Buying & Procurement staff

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