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Interesting Facts About Becoming an Electrician

Interesting Facts About Becoming an Electrician

Our world is changing around us—and fast—and much of that change happens to revolve around electricity. We’re generating power from solar energy. It’s likely that may plug your car in to recharge its electric battery instead of filling up the tank at the gas station.

People who know how to work with this source of power are going to find themselves in high demand. Which leads to the question: Why do people become electricians, anyway?

Talent and aptitude

Why do some people become professional athletes, while others train to become doctors? It’s a personal choice, and we often seek out a career because we discover we’ve got the right talents for it. All we need is the training. And speaking of training…


Did you know?

  • Doctors and electricians have a lot in common. When it comes to training, that is. A master electrician will have spent at least 8 years learning his or her trade—which is the same amount of time a doctor will spend in medical school. Electricians can specialize the same way that doctors do. Some electricians choose to work only on residences, while others focus on commercial or industrial.
  • Electricians are lifelong students. Technology in the home and office is moving at an amazing pace. Electricians are constantly soaking up new training to keep them in touch with that growth.
  • Electricians and ninjas have 2 things in common. Both find it best for their careers to stay mentally and physically in great shape. Safety is always something on their mind, and electricians—like ninjas—need to be sharp and fast thinkers as they determine that most efficient way to get the job done.