We Help Veterans Get Hired

We Value What You’ve Learned and Accomplished!

Troops To Trades was started in order to honor the thousands of individuals transitioning into the civilian workforce, and to help them find satisfying and successful careers. Troops to Trades is a program of the Nexstar Legacy Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3), that provides scholarships and career contacts within the plumbing, heating/cooling and electrical residential services industries.  It works with small to mid-sized businesses across the United Sates to help them locate potential employees, especially technical service employees.

As a veteran with an honorable discharge, or as a National Guard or Reserve Member you are eligible to apply for the Troops to Trades program. When you apply and are accepted we will work with you to determine what training you need to enhance your skills as a HVAC technician, electrician or plumber and provide a short term training experience at no cost to you. Then we will work with you to help you find a job in the residential service industry in whatever community you are looking to live in. Even if you have experience in the industry, you will receive help in finding a position within the industry by completing the Troops to Trades application.

Troops To Trades helps veterans by: