The Science Behind Online Quizzes Get Reward With Valuable Information

The Science Behind Online Quizzes Get Reward With Valuable Information

by Jim Olsztynski | December 27, 2017 | Skilled Trades | 0 Comments

Engaging their curiosity makes students hungry to learn. It’s this natural curiosity that draws us to online quizzes. In a best-case scenario, we answer questions and gain insight about ourselves or a subject that interests us. And then sometimes, we come across those “what color is your aura” kind of quizzes. There goes 5 to 10 minutes of your life that you’ll never get back. Talk about frustrating.

Most of us have 2 main requirements for an online quiz. We want to enjoy taking it, and we want to be rewarded with useful information in exchange for participating. The most beneficial and popular online quizzes tend to help us with perspective. Okay, great—your aura is dark blue. How can you use this information?

Why Am I Being Asked These Questions?

The entertainment factor—and the learning value—of a quiz increases when you answer seemingly unrelated questions that ultimately prove to generate insight and perspective. It’s a positive experience with an educational benefit.

Challenge your students to take our quiz If you want to help them gain useful insight about exploring the often overlooked opportunity of a career in the trades. We developed “Which trade is right for me?” to delve into the quiz-taker’s personality, interests, skills, and abilities—and then calculate their responses to determine which of the trades will offer them the most job satisfaction and career opportunity.

Students will come across quiz questions that ask if they’re comfortable with hot, stuffy, cramped, and dusty spaces. Or, if they’d prefer wearing fancy clothes to work. Is it easy for them to talk to people they don’t know?


There are nearly 40 questions—which may sound like a lot—but nearly all simply require choosing whether you agree or disagree with what you see on the screen. Honest answers will generate an insightful assessment. Students will learn about their compatibility with what it takes to become an electrician, a plumber, or an HVAC technician.

These professions share certain characteristics. Our online determines a baseline compatibility and then directs quiz-takers toward one of the 3 trades.

Acting On The Results

This is a valuable resource if you educate students reaching the age where decisions about post high school education need to be made. The quiz is an entrée to exploring a career with the trades and finding out about necessary education and training. Students get a personalized result based on their answers. These are honest assessments, which means that the quiz will even tell them if it looks like they should give more thought to exploring job opportunities in these areas.

Interested students can also find out more about a career as a plumber, electrician, or an HVAC technician by heading to the Explore the Trades website before or after taking the quiz. There’s in-depth information about the trades, ranging from government statistics about job growth to an area featuring actual plumbers, electricians, and HVAC techs offering honest answers to frequently asked questions.

Knowing the color of your aura may not help you figure out what to do with your life, but your students can start planning an entire career with this quiz!