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“Some of the most dedicated, resilient and capable people I’ve met deployed with me to Afghanistan. Those who’ve left the service had to start from square one, because infantry background doesn’t yield the skills that domestic employment requires. I’m enthusiastic about the opportunities Troops To Trades provides to veterans.”
-Captain Brendan Finn, USMC, Former Recon Platoon Commander, Afghanistan Veteran

“I’m thrilled that Troops To Trades is coming to fruition. Many of the fine men I served with in the Marines are finding they don’t have the necessary skills to join the civilian workforce. Finally, a program is now in place to help our veterans gain the training they need.”
-Sergeant Nate Blue, USMC, Former Recon Assistant Team Leader, Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran

“I think Troops to Trades is a great opportunity for people getting out of the military and who don’t really know where to go. It’s not a job. It turns into a career.”
-James Fitzgerald, USMC, Former Infantry Squad Leader (BuildATech Recipient 2013)

Watch Veterans Discuss Why Troops to Trades is a Great Opportunity for Veterans