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The Value of Service.

You found it after you joined the military. Or, you already knew what was waiting for you. There’s value in service. Few things are as satisfying as service to your country. We salute you for your selfless acts. Our role as the world’s leader for freedom is because you chose to serve. We are grateful. Now it’s our turn to be of service to you. As you return to the civilian world, do you wonder if there’s something that honors this value of service outside of the military? Are there jobs where you can apply your skills and loyalty? Your sense of duty?

There is. Look to history.

The trades offer opportunities to match your mettle to a work ethic laden in tradition, and your skills to technology that’s transforming our homes and offices. You’ll participate in a historical tradition that repeats itself with each generation. At the end of WWII, veterans returned and built our infrastructure—our roads, our communication and energy networks, our cities. Today, we stand ready to take another generational leap forward. History repeats itself, and the technology that fuels our tomorrow propels jobs in the trades forward today.

Leading Us Forward.

Today’s innovations make a career in the residential home service trades more appealing than ever before. There’s honor in service. That’s always been what’s drawn people to the trades. There’s value in service, too. Discover for yourself how you can create a career in the trades that can last a lifetime.

Explore a Career in the Trades.

Are you a veteran looking for a new job opportunity? The Troops To Trades program offers scholarships and training opportunities to individuals who have dedicated parts of their lives to the armed services for the United States. The Nexstar Legacy Foundation is dedicated to attracting talented individuals to the heating, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical industries, by inspiring these people to discover the prestige, earning power and stability of careers in these fields. The foundation accomplishes this by being the leading resource for information on careers and training, as well as a source of financial aid through grants and scholarships for veterans interested in learning a technical trade.  All scholarship cover costs of training, travel and food and lodging. Are you a veteran interested in a scholarship? Click here to apply online. Would you like to commit to a veteran? Click here to learn more about making a donation.

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Troops To Trades was started in order to honor the thousands of individuals transitioning into the civilian workforce, and to help them find satisfying and successful careers.
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