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Are You Made for the Trades?

Listening skills, a love of the outdoors and being interested in technology can lead to a successful career as a plumber, electrician or HVAC technician. Learn more about the top 10 traits of a successful technician.

What is an apprenticeship?

Why Should I Do it?

Apprenticeships are time-tested employee training systems that combine job-related technical instruction with structured on-the-job learning experiences. The plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical trades are built upon apprenticeships.

Apprentices gain skills and in-depth industry knowledge through paid on-the-job training that puts them ahead in their pursuit of a great career.

Most states require aspiring skilled tradespeople to complete formal education through a trade school or an apprenticeship. In some instances, students may complete their apprenticeship during school as part of their training. Other times, a license may be obtained in school, then followed by an apprenticeship.

*Please consult your state’s licensure requirements for specific details, which can be found here.

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Why consider a career in the trades? Why not!

Working for a residential plumbing, heating, cooling or electrical service company provides many career opportunities and has great benefits!

As a technician, a typical day will include:

Residential service technicians travel to different homes and meet new clients each day. You’ll be like an everyday superhero – taking care of your community, fixing plumbing, heating, cooling or electrical problems and keeping homeowners safe and healthy in their homes.

As a residential service technician, you’ll be working at three to five homes each day and will find a sense of accomplishment in seeing your skills put in action to find solutions for homeowners.

From the start, people are earning while they’re learning. Apprenticeships provide thorough and extensive on-the-job training and education. That means young people are earning a wage while learning technical, highly sought-after skills and on their way to six-figure salaries, not six-figure student loan debt.

Your work truck is your own space. It’s a mobile office and warehouse all in one. Keeping it clean, fully stocked and organized will not only make your job easier, but will provide you with a sense of pride. Residential service companies provide many career opportunities for plumbers, electricians, heating and cooling technicians.

Our partners are essential to the success of Explore The Trades’ efforts to bridge the technical talent gap in the plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical trades. Support from industry-leading companies and residential service businesses make accomplishing our mission possible and are leading the way in growing the skilled trades industry.


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Trade Schools and Licensing

Taking vocational classes at a trade school or technical or community college is a great way to get you out of the classroom and working faster. Trade schools offer on-the-job training and allow students to learn the specific skills they need for a successful career in the trades.

Trade Jobs

The trades offer great pay, benefits, job security and professional satisfaction. Explore The Trades is your complete resource for everything you need to get started and advance your career. Connect with the right people, the right information and get the right answers to get your career in gear!

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Why Did You Choose a Career in the Trades?

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