more than an elective

“More Than An Elective” is a partnership program created out of the need to get the skilled trades back into the classroom and is exclusively for educators, school counselors, and their schools.

Bring the skilled trades to your students and showcase an industry that is “more than an elective.”

The plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical trades are careers that provide financial stability, career growth, and are essential to the safety and wellbeing of communities. Many students aren’t aware of this, as vocational and technical education have been removed from schools over the last generation.

Fast forward to today where an increasing number of educators, school counselors, and parents believe their students are the right fit for careers in the trades. Explore The Trades is dedicated to bridging the technical talent gap to the service trades of plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical. Together, education and industry can partner to provide students with valuable information regarding careers in the skilled trades. 

Official “More Than An Elective” partners of Explore The Trades will receive a classroom kit that contains timely career information to be shared with your students, their parents, and your fellow educators.

trades tool box package

Explore The Trades will send the kit directly to your school.

The kit will contain the following:

Trades-specific career paths

STEM and the Skilled Trades information

Top 10 Traits of a Technician

Illustrations of how high school classes directly relate to the trades

Industry infographics highlighting student loan debt, industry growth & salaries

One set of 18″x24″ posters for classroom (five posters included)

Educational Partner

As an educational partner, Explore The Trades asks for your help in answering questions throughout the year. These short surveys will measure things like student usage of the materials, how the content is being shared, and the number of students who pursue careers in the trades.

Explore The Trades is excited to be your partner to communicate that the trades are “more than an elective!”

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