Women in the Trades: Growing Careers, Breaking Barriers

Around 4% of people working skilled trades jobs in the United States are women. While this number may not sound like a lot, this is substantial progress from what was once a flat 0%. We are likely to see – and excited to see – the number of trades opportunities for women continue to rise […]

Equal Pay For Equal Work

The headline reflects a goal that has served as a rallying cry for feminists. Various studies show a large discrepancy in pay scales for women versus men for similar types of jobs, but I recently came across an article that opened my eyes. According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, across the […]

Women Are Welcome In The Trades

According to The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWC), women make up 9.1% of the construction workforce. When I first read that statistic, I thought it represented a big jump from previous data I had seen years ago. Upon closer reading, it’s not as encouraging. NAWC’s membership includes women in all facets of construction work. […]

C’mon Women, You’re Welcome Too!

As I’ve written about numerous times, our nation suffers a severe shortage of skilled trade workers. The main reason has to do with social pressures and propaganda about the importance of college degree, a belief that this blog has also poked holes in. Another big reason is the reluctance of women to enter the trades. […]

Why Women Should Consider The Trades

May 24, 2016 Brute force is not required! Misconceptions abound about the trades and the people who work in them. Many of these misconceptions date back to a bygone era when there might have been more truth to them. One of these misconceptions is that the trades involve a lot of heavy lifting, so brute […]

Why Are So Few Women In The Trades?

May 9, 2016 Old habits die hard! The knee-jerk answer some people might give to that question is because the skilled trades are not very welcoming to women. That may have been true in the past but for the most part not anymore. Social attitudes have evolved over the years and even where they haven’t, […]

Women Have Great Trade Prospects

Attitudes have turned around. Most estimates peg females as only about 2% to 2.5% of all skilled trade workers and the percentage is not going up significantly. That’s too bad, because most skilled trade employers would be happy to hire females if only more would apply for trade jobs and apprenticeship programs. What’s in it […]