Champion Of The Industry: Bradford White Water Heaters

To combat public perception and help advance the skilled trades, Bradford White Corporation, an industry-leading manufacturer of water heaters, boilers, and storage tanks, developed their signature charitable giving program, Industry Forward®. The program provides grants to eligible organizations and serves to advance public awareness of the importance of the plumbing and HVAC industry, including skilled trades, manufacturing, and distribution.


Explore The Trades is proud to announce that through the Industry Forward® program, Bradford White Water Heaters has made a generous contribution of $8,000 to create an additional 1,000 poster kits for educators and counselors showcasing careers in the skilled trades! Explore The Trades is grateful to unite in our shared goals to increase public awareness and advocacy of the skilled trades.


Bradford White partners with non-profit organizations and technical schools to educate individuals and families on the importance of the skilled trades and the role that industry professionals provide in the health, safety, sanitation, and infrastructure of their communities through strategic grant funding that supports workforce development training and education programs and industry career opportunities, events, and partnerships.


As teens and young adults consider the financial impact of attending a four-year college and look for a stable career in an essential industry, we need to support these career decisions and be an advocate for those interested in the trades and the plumbing and HVAC industry as a whole. Only then will we make a positive impact in communities to help build a stronger and more sustainable future for all.

About Industry Forward®

Industry Forward™ is Bradford White’s signature charitable giving program. Through this initiative, the company provides grants to eligible organizations to advance public awareness of the importance and value of the Plumbing and HVAC industry including skilled trades, manufacturing, and distribution. By aligning resources and investing in key programs, Bradford White is making a positive impact in communities to help build a stronger and sustainable future for all.

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