Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Recruitment Bonuses

Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Recruitment Bonuses

The shortage of skilled tradespeople has gotten so bad all over that many companies are offering recruitment bonuses to employees for referrals and to experienced trade workers to come to work for them. Many surveys show that upwards of 75% of construction and construction service companies are looking to hire more skilled trade workers. This presents opportunities even for novices without experience.

You probably won’t find many employers willing to pay bonus money to someone that needs to be trained, but the fact that they are willing to pay for talent opens doors nonetheless. Do you know anyone in the trades? Ask them if their employers offer a recruitment bonus that they can cash in if you get hired and successfully complete a training program.

Also, while companies might not offer bonus pay directly to new apprentices, you might find some that are willing to pay a little more than originally planned. Put on your negotiating hat and see if you can think of reasons why you might be worth a little more to them. One justification might be if you have to relocate to another town. It wouldn’t hurt to ask for a little extra to cover relocation costs, such as a moving van and a rental deposit on a local apartment.

Something to keep in mind, always, is it is up to you to convince an employer of your worth. As a rough estimate, a skilled trade worker is worth at least $100,000 a year to construction and service companies, based on the labor you contribute and the potential revenue you generate for them. Employers in the know realize it’s a bargain to pay an extra $1,000-$2,000 or more to bring one on board.

However, at all times keep the WIIFM principle in mind. WIIFM stands for “What’s In It For Me?” It is up to you to convince a potential employer that you will make them more money than you cost them.

The top trade workers earn well over six-figure incomes year after year. They make $100,000+ not because their boss likes them or because they need the money. They get top pay because they typically generate $1 million+ in income for the companies they work for.
You can be one of them. The shortage of skilled tradespeople means doors are open wider than ever before.