Reason #6 Why College Is A Lousy Deal

My past five blogs have explained why I think college is not a good idea for many of you reading this. A short summary of those reasons are:

1. The market for college graduates is saturated.

2. Grade inflation has diminished the quality of a college degree.

3. College education has morphed into indoctrination.

4. College is way overpriced.

5. Many college degrees in reality represent nothing more than white collar vocational education.

I’m going to conclude this series with Reason #6: Going to college might turn you into a snowflake.

That’s the term that’s caught on to describe a generation of hyper-sensitive college students who suffer emotional meltdowns when exposed to ideas that disturb their notions of how the world ought to be. Some universities have adopted “trigger warnings” that tell snowflakes a book, a class or a speaker they are about to encounter contains material that might conjure up bad memories or otherwise traumatize their fragile little minds. Some campuses provide “safe spaces” where snowflakes can avoid contact with anyone and anything that might cause them anxiety.

Sheesh. When we were kids, many of us hid under a blanket at night to keep the bogeyman away. Most of us grew out of that stage. Not snowflakes.

Trigger warning. In case any snowflakes are reading this, be forewarned that I am about to tell you some harsh truths that will scare the bejeebers out of you. Brace yourself.

Some people are not nice. Life is filled with setbacks. Then you die.

Great literature is full of such themes, although many of today’s college reading lists suppress great literature, especially those written by dead white males. Shakespeare is one of them. He is thought to be perhaps the greatest writer that ever lived. His plays are filled with murders, sexual assaults and blood-curdling characters. In some schools, English courses that require reading authors like Shakespeare come with trigger warnings, and students may be excused from certain readings if the poor darlings claim they’d be traumatized. Snowflakes instead are directed to read politically correct nonsense from hack authors.

College used to be an experience that strengthened the mind and taught students to keep things in perspective. Nowadays, college produces snowflakes who inhabit a make-believe world where anything unpleasant can be avoided. When snowflakes graduate and encounter the real world, they can always pay a cuddle professional to provide therapy for their anxieties. (Want a hearty laugh? Google “cuddle therapy.”)

You know what? I’ve never met a trade professional who was a snowflake. Like every other living person, trade professionals experience setbacks and tragedies in their lives, and they routinely encounter things they don’t like. They simply deal with it. Without a cuddle therapist.

Do yourself a favor and explore the trades. A professional trade career not only provides a good living. It will keep you strong of body and mind.