What’s It Take To Be An Electrician?

This trade is more critical than ever.   Skilled electricians always have been in high demand, but the trade is becoming more critical than ever because of the abundance of electronic systems being installed in homes and commercial buildings nowadays. So-called “smart homes” feature a array of automated systems to control lighting and appliances by […]

How To Recognize A Good Apprenticeship Program

Is it really training or just cheap labor?   In choosing an apprenticeship program, you have some basic decisions to make. Do you wish to pursue union employment or nonunion? Are you more intrigued by construction or service work? Most union-run apprenticeship programs are renowned for stressing top-notch craftsmanship. However, some may be hard to […]

Apprenticeship In The Service Trades

Most formal apprenticeship programs neglect service work.   In my last article I described traditional apprenticeship programs established by contractors, unions and nonunion companies for the construction trades. Some of the plumbers, electricians and HVAC technicians who fix and maintain those systems in your home may have learned their trade through these apprenticeship programs, but […]