The Necessity of Improving Plumbing Infrastructure

Infrastructure has been a hot topic in the news and political landscape in recent months, and for good reason. However, infrastructure does not only pertain to bridges, roads, and waterways. One often overlooked, but nonetheless crucial component of a healthy infrastructure system is plumbing.

As we will see, improving the plumbing infrastructure is absolutely vital to both the health and the livelihood of countless Americans. If we are to move forward as a prosperous and healthful nation, improved plumbing should be prioritized on the local, state, and federal level. The trades professionals at Explore The Trades explain why.

Many Plumbing Systems Are Out of Date

Indoor plumbing wasn’t instituted in America until the 1830s, and even then, it was only present in a select few homes of extremely wealthy citizens. Over the next hundred years, plumbing became more advanced and widespread -In fact the first municipally treated water system originated in Jersey City, NJ in 1908, signifying a major leap forward in access to clean drinking water. However, by 1940, roughly 50% of American homes still lacked complete plumbing systems.

While plumbing in the U.S. is still a relatively new development in the larger scope of history, cities and counties have had decades to upgrade their systems and provide top-quality access to everyone. However, many plumbing systems are horribly out of date, with some approaching 100 years old. While the EPA has cracked down on regulating newly installed systems, legacy systems are often grandfathered in, or given long adjustment times – some of these aged plumbing systems contain asbestos-cement pipes and wooden storage tanks. Old equipment like this can lead to chemicals and carcinogens leaking into the water supply. Because updating plumbing can be expensive, and local budgets are normally tight, it is often pushed down the priority list. Awareness of this issue needs to be spread.

Healthy Water and Sanitation Is a Must

One of the key differentiators between developed and developing countries is the ability to provide large-scale, high-quality utilities. As one of the most prosperous nations in the world, it should be an absolute given that every U.S. citizen has access to healthy drinking water and complete sanitation. Unfortunately, this is not the case. A 2018 study found that nearly 500,000 Americans lack complete plumbing, meaning hot and cold water, a sink with a faucet, and a shower or bath. The fact that so many of our citizens lack this access is a clear sign that plumbing infrastructure needs a major upgrade in both quality and proliferation. If we want our students to succeed, our businesses to thrive, and our economy to grow, we need to make sure the bare necessities are met.

Improving Plumbing Infrastructure Creates Jobs

Lastly, upgrading the plumbing infrastructure stimulates job growth and employs hundreds of thousands of dedicated plumbers and other trades workers. An expansion in the opportunity for plumbers could help introduce a large incoming class of apprentices to this rewarding and financially sustainable career path.

Business leaders, lobbyists, and policymakers should recognize the importance of promoting and encouraging stable, meaningful, and responsible jobs for trades professionals. With college costs rising at an unsustainable pace, a career in the trades can provide an appealing option for young apprentices and those looking to switch careers.

Learn More About the Plumbing Trade

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