Why consider a career in the trades? Why not!

Working for a residential plumbing, heating, cooling or electrical service company provides many career opportunities and has great benefits!

As a technician, a typical day will include:

Residential service technicians travel to different homes and meet new clients each day. You’ll be like an everyday superhero – taking care of your community, fixing plumbing, heating, cooling or electrical problems and keeping homeowners safe and healthy in their homes.

As a residential service technician, you’ll be working at three to five homes each day and will find a sense of accomplishment in seeing your skills put in action to find solutions for homeowners.

From the start, people are earning while they’re learning. Apprenticeships provide thorough and extensive on-the-job training and education. That means young people are earning a wage while learning technical, highly sought-after skills and on their way to six-figure salaries, not six-figure student loan debt.

Your work truck is your own space. It’s a mobile office and warehouse all in one. Keeping it clean, fully stocked and organized will not only make your job easier, but will provide you with a sense of pride. Residential service companies provide many career opportunities for plumbers, electricians, heating and cooling technicians.

There are many different parts to the trades – find the one that suits you!


Choosing between residential service companies and commercial service companies is just one of the options you have as a plumber, HVAC technician or electrician. There are many different parts to the trades – different workplaces, different terms, and different certifications. Find the one that suits you!

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