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About the PHCE Trades

Working for a residential plumbing, heating, cooling or electrical (PHCE) service company is a great career opportunity. You’ll need the same foundational skills for both residential and commercial service companies, but, there are differences that make working on the residential side a great fit for many plumbers, HVAC technicians and electricians.

Some of the benefits of working for a residential service company:


Residential service technicians travel to different homes each day. This gives you the opportunity to see new places and work in a fresh environment almost every day. That’s different than a job with a commercial company, which may have its employees working on one large job for months at a time.

New People

Along with travel, residential service gives you a chance to meet new people every day. Many will be your neighbors. You’ll get to know people in your community.

Instant Gratification

Unlike commercial work, residential jobs are usually completed within one day. You’ll see your work completed in a short time frame.


The salaries of residential service careers can be excellent, especially for those individuals who enjoy the interactive customer service side of the business. Average salaries are around $65,000 but can climb much higher. Also, the initial costs of training for a trade career is much less than other careers, creating savings for you!

Your Van

Your work van is your own space. It’s a mobile office and warehouse all in one. Keeping it clean, fully stocked and organized will not only make your job easier, but will provide you with a sense of pride.

Choosing between residential service companies and commercial service companies is just one of the options you have as a plumber, HVAC technician or electrician. There are many different parts to the trades – different workplaces, different terms, and different certifications. Find the one that suits you!