Challenging Depictions of Blue-Collar Workers in Media

There’s a strange irony to the fact that when people watch classist depictions of blue-collar workers on their TVs or movie theatre screens, they’re only able to do so because skilled workers with a keen understanding of the science of electricity made it possible. The amenities of elite homes, like heated floors and smart HVAC […]

Character Counts For Trade Workers

Service work especially demands a clean background.   Life is tough for people who end up in prison. It can be even tougher when they get out and have to fend for themselves when it comes to providing their own food and shelter. Job opportunities are very limited for those with a criminal record. The […]

Myth #4 about trade workers: they’re always getting laid off

Job security is higher for skilled trade workers than most other occupations.   This myth originates in the fact that construction work is highly cyclical. While it’s true that when work slows down many construction workers get let go, this deserves a closer look. In my last entry I said that nobody who enters the […]