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The Differences Between a Journeyman and a Master Electrician

Difference Between Journeyman and Master Electrician

There are a few steps along the way to getting to the top of your craft as an electrician. First, you have to complete your apprenticeship. Then there are two more steps.

Journeyman Electrician

Certifications vary by state. Upon completion from your apprenticeship, you’ll take the necessary exams to be certified and licensed as an electrician. This may also depend on your chosen area of specialty. Some states will require you to show proof of hours spent working during your apprenticeship. File that away for your record-keeping.

You’ll spend the next four years after completing your apprenticeship as a journeyman electrician. That’s really all there is to this step. You’re proving during this four years that you’ve got what it takes to make a career of it.

Master Electrician

In martial arts, they award you with a black belt. In the electrical field, you’re formally tested and awarded with the classification as a master electrician. What it means is that you’ve successfully used your knowledge and skills over a period of four consecutive years as a journeyman electrician.

Now you can apply to take—and successfully pass—a formal exam that tests your skills as an electrician. Most electrical companies prefer to reserve supervisory and management level positions for master electricians. This is the track you’ll want to take if you aspire to be the owner of an electrical company.