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You Can Specialize!

Electricians - You Can Specialize

Like many highly skilled professionals, residential electricians can choose to focus on a specific area in their field. You’ll always benefit from your solid foundation of knowledge, but you can concentrate on a certain area of the industry to shape your career. Here are a few of the options open to residential electricians.

New construction electricians

Most electrical wiring is hidden away—for both safety and cosmetic reasons. It makes for a lot of advance planning and work, and that’s what these electrical specialists are called in to do. They don’t just take care of the wiring installation. They may also be called on to help with the electrical blueprints, as well as connecting new homes to the electrical grid.

Electricians working in new construction have the advantage of a constantly changing job location, so they never get stuck in a commute rut. Unlike service electricians—who mainly work in existing homes—new construction electricians have to worry less about finding problems and replacing equipment. They’re installing it for the first time, and usually before construction is complete. It makes for far less concern about disrupting what’s going on in an established home.

Service electricians

This is a good choice if you like to solve mysteries. Service electricians are the industry’s troubleshooters and problem-solvers. These professionals also aren’t necessarily employees. They can work for themselves.

These professionals work in existing homes. When something’s not working, they’re called in to trace the problem back to the source, which may involve working around the décor and lifestyle of a busy family.

It’s a hero’s job, for sure. There’s a problem to be solved. It may be something as simple as replacing an electrical fixture—but it also might involve comprehensive rewiring. In either case, service electricians have the task of fixing what’s not working without disrupting the surroundings.