Understanding The Role of an HVAC Technician

What Do Technicians Do?

A heating and cooling (HVAC) technician’s job is to repair and maintain the climate control system in a building. These professionals must know how to fix both heating and air conditioning systems, as well as ventilation systems that move air.

Technicians study, and put into practice, the principles, and applications of refrigeration systems. This includes the physical and chemical laws that apply to heating and cooling systems. Technicians also troubleshoot and repair residential gas heating systems. Because it’s crucial to know how to effectively measure and regulate the heated or cooled air flowing through a home, HVAC professionals use specialized formulas to calculate load capacities through the HVAC systems.

How is HVAC Different from Other Trades?

While the trades of plumbing and electrical have long incorporated levels of trade certification (known as journeyman and master), the HVAC trade is different due to each state having different licensing requirements. In some states, HVAC contractors are required to hold  a mechanical contracting license while other states require a refrigeration certification Please consult your state’s licensure requirements for specific details, which can be found here.