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Why Become an Electrician?

Working with electricity is a fulfilling career because it requires an electrician to have a good working knowledge of the relevant electric codes. Electrical work doesn’t get tedious, because every day brings something new and fresh to the profession. It also offers tremendous benefits and career potential.

On The Job Training:

A huge benefit to becoming an electrician is that you won’t accumulate an unimaginable amount of student debt to earn a great living. In fact, as an apprentice electrician, you’ll be able to earn while you learn your trade. That means that while others are attending college with no guarantee of a job after they graduate, you’ll be earning a decent wage and your electrical training at the same time.


Based on the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics data, the average electrician in the United States makes over $52,000/year.

Job Security & Opportunities:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also predicts that the demand for qualified electricians will explode in the next ten years. In fact, they expect more than 85,900 new electrician jobs to be created between 2014 and 2024, which is a staggering 14% increase. Based on their analysis of the growth of various industries and professions, this is significantly higher than average.

It’s a Very Respected Profession:

Electricians are very well respected within the construction trade and are considered by many to be the top profession within the industry. Most if not all people would agree that it takes a large amount of skill and expert knowledge to work with electricity every single day.

Jobs are available now:

When considering becoming an electrician you are considering a career path that grants you the opportunity to find a job today. The demand for skilled tradespeople continues to grow across the USA.

‘Right now, American manufacturing is struggling to fill 200,000 vacant positions. There are 450,000 openings in trades, transportation and utilities. The Skills Gap is real, and it’s getting wider. In Alabama, a third of all skilled tradesmen are over 55. They’re retiring fast, and no one is there to replace them.’  – Mike Rowe

Opportunity for career growth:

As an electrician you will experience the opportunity for advancement in your career. After starting as a service technician, hard-working and committed electricians can become promoted to field managers, operation managers and even distribution managers within their company and field.