Meet A Plumber

David Nowicki

Company: Weltman Home Services
Trade: Plumbing
Years As A Plumber: 27 years. Since I was in Junior High School
Current Job Title: Field Supervisor

Description Of Your Daily Duties: My daily duties are trouble shooting all types of plumbing and heating problems as well as performing all repairs and replacing fixtures. I also help other technicians with trouble-shooting

What Made You Choose That Trade: I chose plumbing because I have 2 brothers and my dad who were all in other trades so I figured I would try something different from them. They do electrical, carpentry and painting. I ended up staying with plumbing because I enjoy it. It’s challenging to trouble shoot all types of problems. It seems to be always something new and different with every job.

Best Thing About Being A Plumber: I get a good feeling fixing things and it’s a great sense of accomplishment when you can turn an empty room into a full working bathroom, laundry room or kitchen.

Frank Tumbarello

Company: Cranney Home Services
Trade: Plumbing
Years As A Plumber: 13 Years
Current Job Title: Plumber

Description Of Your Daily Duties: Variety of tasks that consist of installing sinks, toilets, faucets, drain cleaning & pipe repair to complete boiler equipment installations, as well as rough & finish plumbing of new construction

What Made You Choose That Trade: Prior to becoming a tradesman I was working for a large company in the shipping & receiving department. It was an ok job with opportunity to climb the corporate ladder, which I knew was not for me. When a fellow coworker asked me to sign up for the Peterson School for Plumbing with him I didn’t think twice, just for the love of working with my hands and having the satisfaction of creating. I knew it would be an awesome career change for me.

Best Thing About Being A Plumber: At first I thought the best part about being a plumber was that I was able to work in a different place every day. It took years of being in the trade for me to realize that its more than just a job but a whole way of life. Being a plumber has made me feel like I am part of a tradition of craftsmen that goes back hundreds of years. With knowing this it has given me a bigger respect to the people who have cared enough to give me a future and appreciate the craftsmanship of the years past.

Erik Kauppila

Company: A Plus Plumbing and Heating
Trade: Plumbing
Years As A Plumber: 22 Years
Current Job Title: Owner, Master Plumber

Description Of Your Daily Duties: I offer services that range from bathroom and kitchen remodels, to repairing and or replacing water heaters and furnaces.

What Made You Choose That Trade: I chose this profession because I knew I would be able to help customers in a very important way.

Best Thing About Being A Plumber: The best thing about my job is being able to reassure customers that I can assist them in their time of need. Getting their heat going again all the way to unclogging drains without emptying their wallets.