Why Gen Z is Ditching College for the Trades

Generation X and Millennials largely agreed on the path to adulthood – graduate high school, attend college, rack up student debt and attempt to pay it off by slaving away at an office job. Increasingly, we’ve seen a different approach among Gen Z. One of the defining Gen Z traits is not settling for the […]

5 Key Ways Tech Is Revolutionizing Trade Education

In today’s rapidly evolving world, technology plays a pivotal role in reshaping trade education, making it more accessible, engaging, and effective than ever before. You can also get yourself EPA Certified online whenever you want. How crazy is that? Here’s a concise overview of how technological advancements are transforming the trades, preparing a new generation […]

Here are the Top 10 Trade Schools in the Country

As an alternative to four-year college programs, trade schools offer students an opportunity to gain practical, hands-on training and education in their chosen career path, boasting lower tuition costs and a shorter degree track, allowing graduates to enter the workforce as soon as possible. With an abundance of vocational schools across the country, it can […]

Determining If An Online Trade School Is Right For You

Remote work and distance learning have quickly become accessible opportunities for many employees and students of all ages. We have begun to adapt to accomplish more regardless of our physical locations, offering flexibility and opportunities to many. Students are commonly starting college online, and may not even attend class in person at all before graduation. […]

College is Cool, But Have You Tried Avoiding Debt?

One of the biggest moments in a student’s life is when they graduate high school. This event kicks off the start of a new era, where opportunities are endless and you can choose your career path. Many students go through high school preparing for college, and many high schools and institutions intentionally prepare and lead […]

How Much Does it Cost to Go to Technical School

For many high school students, figuring out what the next step after graduation is can be challenging. Traditionally, going to a four-year college has been seen as the default option for students. Whether they are looking to get their undergraduate degree or going further towards master’s or doctorate, many high school students have their minds […]

National Signing Day for The Trades

College football and basketball fans pay attention to those sports’ annual National Signing Day when collegiate powerhouses compete to enroll the nation’s most highly rated athletes. Although not all recruits live up to their potential, many go on to become the sport’s brightest stars at the collegiate and NFL/NBA levels. Skills USA, a nonprofit organization […]

College Enrollment Is Down

Written by Jim Olsztynski Recent data from the National Student Clearing House indicates that undergraduate college enrollment is down 4.4%, although that’s probably understated. Many colleges aren’t releasing their numbers publicly and an official at the Department of Education said it would be at least two years before data becomes available. More timely indication of declining […]

Give Your Parents A Christmas Gift That Lasts

Your Mom and/or Dad are special people. They have sacrificed many personal interests and spent a lot of hard-earned money to raise you, and in many cases are still supporting you with a place to live and food to eat. Some of you with money to spend are looking to reciprocate a little of their […]

Do You Have What It Takes?

Not everyone has the talent and personal characteristics to become a skilled trade worker. Too many high school counselors think the trades are for people whose academics are not good enough for college. It reveals more about their ignorance than the intelligence of the students they point toward the trades.  If you’re thinking about a trade […]