10 Good Reasons To Explore The Trades

The average cost of a trade education is around $33,000, while acquiring a bachelor’s degree has been pegged at $127,000. What’s more, in many cases a trade education can be had for free through formal and informal apprenticeship training programs. Around 40% of college students drop out before obtaining a degree, often wasting tens of […]

Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Recruitment Bonuses

That’s what some skilled trade employers have resorted to in trying to resolve severe staffing shortages in construction and some service sectors. This article describes efforts by construction companies in Canada to offer cash rewards not only to workers, but also to anyone who successfully refers a skilled trade worker to them. Some employers are […]

The Skilled Labor Shortage By The Numbers

A common theme addressed in this blog is the nationwide shortage of skilled trade workers and the opportunities that spring from it for people who do opt for a career in the trades. Hardly a week passes when I don’t come across some startling information about this shortage. For instance, buried within an article in […]

How’s Your B.S. Detector?

I want to keep this blog family-friendly, so I won’t spell out what B.S. stands for. Anyway, it’s unnecessary since you all know what it means. (No, I’m not referring to a Bachelor of Science college degree.) The ability to detect B.S. is one of the handiest skills to have as you go through life. […]

Tips for Switching Careers

In my last blog I pointed out that many of the traits common to workers in various service industries are similar to what many trade employers require. I’m going to continue on the subject with some ways to go about switching careers for those of you so inclined. First and foremost, you don’t want to […]

Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Recruitment Bonuses

The shortage of skilled tradespeople has gotten so bad all over that many companies are offering recruitment bonuses to employees for referrals and to experienced trade workers to come to work for them. Many surveys show that upwards of 75% of construction and construction service companies are looking to hire more skilled trade workers. This […]

A Dire Forecast of Trade Worker Shortage

Think our lives have been disrupted by Covid? We’re living in Paradise compared with life without enough skilled trade workers to build and maintain the mechanical systems our modern world depends on. Do you really want to go back to a time when wood stoves were the only way to keep warm in winter and […]

The Joy Of Parenthood & Beyond

I write this as the proud father of two grown daughters and absolutely giddy grandfather of four impossibly charming granddaughters, ranging in age from 6 to 15. (Any mistakes I make can be attributed to inhaling too many estrogen molecules. It was worse when our household also included two female cats, now deceased.)  Like me, most people who […]

Did You Know College Scholarships Are Taxable?

I didn’t, not until reading an article that appeared in the May 23, 2020 edition of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). The U.S. Tax Code runs to tens of thousands of pages in volumes that occupy an entire bookshelf in tax accountant offices. Even the best among them have trouble keeping up with all the […]

Numbers Tell A Story

I read a lot, always have. Much of my reading is to satisfy personal interests and has little application to my professional life, but I always have my eyes peeled for bits of information that are relevant to the things I write about for trade audiences. In that vein I will share with you some […]